Taking Care of the Issue

How to Humanely Get Rid of Your Rat Problem
Rat Removal is a very delicate procedure, it can become a very difficult job depending on how entrenched they are in your home.

The most humane way to get rid of rats is to get them to move on, to do this you must remove one of the reasons they come into your home in the first place, main_rat_0the easiest of the two is FOOD. Rats will do anything to get to the food in your home, and they will eat ANYTHING. Rats can gestate about anything we humans can, so oils, grains, meats, vegetables, they are all inanimate prey to a rat infestation. As such it is a good idea to keep all of your food in containers that cannot be chewed through, bags will not cut it as the rats will just rip their way into them, plastic containers with locking lids are a good option. Keep in mind that your fridge is not safe either, if the seal around the fridge door doesn’t seal completely to the fridge itself, rats can get in.


Rats will also go through your trash, what we see as waste they see as an entree. Make sure your trash can is properly sealed, if your trash can has a locking lid that fits securely to the can, you should be fine. If you have pets, their food will be targeted by the rats as well, make sure to keep their food secured also, a large tote with a locking lid will work well.

Caged-RatRat repellent is also an option; there are two different kinds, a sound based deterrent, and a smell based deterrent, a combination of both will probably work best. The sound based repellent will emit a high frequency sound that drives rats nuts, similar to how dogs respond to high frequency noises, however the problem with this choice is that you cant hear the sound, so you wont really know whether or not it is actually working. The smell based repellent will produce a scent reminiscent of peppermint or a fir tree, both are considered offensive to rats, this will probably be your best bet. Once you have tried your humane methods of rat removal, you may still find that you have rats, over time they will become more resilient to repellents and they may find ways to get to food.  If that’s the case, Rest easy! The AAAC Atlanta Wildlife Removal experts can help you with your rat infestations and concerns.  Atlanta Rat Removal is the safest and most humane way for  wildlife removal endeavors.